KELUSHI 30 stks Glasvezel Tool Kit HS 30 Cleaver Optical Power Meter 10 mW Visual Fault Locator Fiber Kabel Tester Striping tool

sc fc fiber, vrouwelijke glasvezel

850 Mhz

End surface cleaners. Maximum resolution: Hj-15. -10 to +50 degree. Product description	fsm-60s	fsm-60r: Wholesale optische power meter meting. 0.10db or less. Is custmoed: Singlemode and multimode. Glasvezel laserlicht. 0.25 mm& 0.90 mmfiber. Komshine: Bly-1ch-rs485. 

Wholesale Rj45 Naar Optische

Power input: Fsm60s. Jw3109 connector: Video amplifer. Splicing fusion. 21 dbm. Doos optische. Sc/upc. Modular crimping tool. Rgb gat. Pen-type vfl650-2a. Glasvezel jacht. Smf(itu-t g.652), mmf(itu-t g.651), dsf(itu-t g.653). Fiber optic splicer heat. Mode single fiber. Connector hybrid. Peak power of laser:	: Fc converteren. Plastic  pmma. 

Adapter M14

Gemaakt in maine. Lc upc connector. Powstro telefoon. Fiber optical port: Tensile strength: Work wavelength: Audiophile connectors. 4pon/4ge/2ge. Kfl-10-20. Universal size: 

Kabel Usb Am

Liteon 16d2s. Fiber splice trays. Hm-4v4a1d1e. Fct-001. 1*4 plc splitter module. Alps potentiometer rk168. Wholesale voeding voor laser. 1310nm / 1550nm s/m. Aua-9 fiber optic power meter. Drop kabels fiber. 360mmx330mm (including handle) x450mm. 60 db. 

ter with a strong disposition for stark ladies...." /><"" />
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In retrospect, Helena’s hair color is way more suited to being a lion’s mane than the heroine’s tunic color, but, heroine seems a lot more likely to do running cat meme commentary. 


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I wanted to do a redraw of my fan fusion moonstone! And I decided to do a little comic with it! 😊😊 this feels like one of the few scenarios in which pearl and lapis would fuse, if there were no other gems to help, and Steven was in danger, because they would both do anything for Steven 😊💕 and it would be the goal of making sure Stevens safe that would make moonstone stable! Otherwise I feel like she would kind of fall apart..she’d be a pretty depressed gem because of all pearls and lapis’s past truama 😅 but she would move heaven and earth to protect Steven! 😆💕 so I hope u enjoy it! 😊 

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“He walks at dawn, and welcomes you with forgiveness and love


He walks at dawn, and welcomes you with forgiveness and love 

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here’s a vid from the pov of the dudes inside

This is the only thi ng I will accept with the use of the phrase “boys will be boys”


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when a lot of flies get in the house within 3 hours my 6 (nearly full grown) kittens become like a pack of lions and eat them all



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just discovered im a new myers briggs type altogether


i’m a DYKE

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when you’re a gay lion and you accidentally tried to introduce your lesbian lioness friend to one of her own exes at a gay bar and she goes into the bathroom and bitches you out for not being able to tell her endlessly rotating cast of girlfriends apart which isn’t really fair because first of all they all keep dyeing their hair different colors and second of all she keeps getting back together with different ones at different times and meanwhile you’ve been “single” for like 8 months but ar e spending a lot of time with one specific guy who works at your old co-op and were going to excitedly tell her about it tonight but now you’ve ruined the whole subject of dating by trying to introduce her to her own ex at a gay bar (which is a watering hole. because you’re lions.) 

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the level of chaotic gay energy the McElroys are able to accurately convey in their queer characters despite being straight cisgender men is… genuinely astonishing and really should raise the bar for literally all other straight creators tbqh

like they really hit a commendable sweet spot of “I understand the gravity of representsting marginalized identities that are not my own” and “this is just another character” that really Works for me as a queer listener? because there is that sensitivity and making sure that identities are explicitly state d and treated with respect, while recognizing that it’s not really their place to tell a story About being queer. Griffin, Justin, and Travis all make clear that Lup, Taako, and Aubrey’s hardships do NOT stem from their identities, and it’s so refreshing because 1.) I don’t need background homo/transphobia in my fantasy, thanks and 2.) I especially don’t need those issues being used as plot pieces by straight dudes, thanks.

and that’s just like… never the case. it’s always “oh, she’s trans, and also the biggest badass in this game.” “yeah, he’s gay and dating the grim reaper, but also he’s about to turn into a t. rex so buckle up.” “she’s bi but more importantly she’s about to set a lot of things on fire.” it’s like… literally what I as a queer consumer want to see in my genre and the McElroys deliver like it’s no big.

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“me listening to stuff


me listening to stuff